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ALL YEAR-ROUND Fundraising Help


We can help you with any fundraising activity or event products

Our On-Demand demonstration shop site is here, please click and review

 Our new 'Bookshelf' product brochure is here, please click and review


 If you missed the school order deadline you can click on our shop site here and upload your child's sketch and order yourself, its easy.


Our business specialises in education (schools, nursery, college, academy, university) fundraising activities and has helped schools in the UK raise over £3 million over the life of the business.

 We are working with c1000 schools currently and we processed  c50,000 products last Christmas period alone.

 We are helping schools fundraise for numerous projects ranging from raising money for new floodlights, new chemistry equipment, subsidising schools’ trips and a whole manner of other activities.

 Our school branded merchandise offering is a real opportunity for schools to engage in branded merchandise sales with healthy commissions and without risk or stock.

All activity is based on an On-Demand model (which you may or may not be aware of - explanation and benefits outlined below).

 Supplying branded merchandise, building On-Demand shop sites for schools is very much what our business does and we are keen to understand if there is anything we might be able to assist you with.

 Our On-Demand service benefits from:

 No stock, No riskNo minimum quantity, Personalisation available, Delivered quickly from the UK, Potential revenue generating

 We think this will be of interest to you and feel free to browse and understand what your school or nursery could have with your brand/logo/crest....

Our On-Demand demo shop site at this link 

 Our new 'Bookshelf' product brochure is at this link

 Imagine having one of these shop sites for YOUR school, branded with your colours and with products with your logo/crest.

Imagine all those lovely event products having your school colours and design.