Leavers Mugs

When pupils leave school in Year 6 or Year 11 a great memento would be a Leavers Mug.  

These could be different for each class or just one for the whole year.  They could include the school name and "Class of 2017" and feature:

  • Autographs of each child in the class
  • Self-portraits of each child in the classleaversmug
  • An image that the whole class has designed
  • School class photo
  • School Logo
  • Please contact us if you need any help with the design

Mugs cost £4.00 each

Bright White Glazed Ceramic 10oz Mug.  95mm tall by 80mm in diameter. Microwave safe. Printed in England. 

We will deliver within 7-14 working days and delivery is FREE to UK mainland (offshore £16, Scottish Highlands and I of W £14)


For a manual design - eg pupils drawing self-portraits or autographs, etc, please print out this Mug Template for each class to design on.  You will then need to scan it as a jpeg and upload below.  Please note that we will reduce the image to fit the mug (actual image size will be 19.5cm x 8cm wrapped around the mug).  
For a digital design - eg creating a design using photos, wording, logos etc, please bear in mind the dimensions of the Mug Template(Actual image size will be 19.5cm x 8cm wrapped around the mug).  Please upload the jpeg image/s below.
Upload your image/design and wording below and we'll professionally print it on to the product of your choice.  You can then order and pay online.  If you have any other requirements you would like to discuss or would prefer to pay by invoice, please contact us.
Leavers Products
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